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Casino Bonuses in Canada


One of the most used tactics by online gambling platforms to attract players is casino bonuses and casino promotions. The competition is big, so the websites try their best to offer the most exquisite, intriguing, and exciting daily offers.

The question is not if there is a bonus, but where you will find the best online casino bonus. Without such an offer, the sites can’t be successful. The best online casino bonuses vary greatly depending on the player’s preferences and goals. The bonus could be a percentage of your deposit, increase after more bets, and be in the form of points, vouchers, exclusive access to tournaments, new features, and the latest games.

Do you want to discover the best casino bonus Canada? Next, we will present you with all the information you need to take advantage of the most fantastic offers, recognize the good promotions and obtain the maximum possible benefits while having fun while playing casino games.

Top Online Casinos with Huge Bonuses 2022

100% bonus up to $500
110% Up to $110 or $400 fixed Bonus
100% up to 100
100% up to 300$
120% Up to 120$ or 200FS
110% Up to $220 + 20 FS
100% Up to 1000$
100% $1600 BONUS
100% Up to $200
100% Up to $1200
110% up to €220
up to 1000$
100% up to C$ 250
30 Free Spins On Your First Deposit 200% Match Bonus Up to $1000
100% Bonus up to C$100
225 FS up to €/$3000
300 Free Spins C$1000 Bonus
100 free spins 100% up to 111EUR
99 free spins Up to 333EUR
100 free spins 100% up to 111EUR
No deposit required
100 Mega FS up to 2000EUR/ 5 BTC
300 FREE SPINS UP TO $4,000

Casino Bonuses and Promotions types

Just as there are different websites, there is also a lot of diversity in terms of promotions available regarding online casino bonuses. For example, online casino promotions give you money for registering and creating an account, known as the no deposit bonus; or there are top online casino bonuses with low wagering requirements. These two types of casino bonuses Canada are the most popular and loved ones for the market.

We are sure you are familiar with the most popular casino bonus online, known as the sign-up or welcome bonus. It’s important to remember that this type is given only once per account, and many times, it is accompanied by a sequence of new casino bonuses Canada.

Sign Up / Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses, or first deposit bonuses, are the most traditional promotions found in an online casino. It offers a gift or bonus to new users who create their account and choose the site to play. The purpose of each platform is to win you over, so they try to impress you with their big guns.

Generally, the casino welcome bonus is on the first deposit that the player makes. The percentage can vary, but the average is 100%. Meaning, if you deposit C$100, you get C$100 as bonus money, and you start your game with C$200 in total. In addition, casinos with free bonuses are often accompanied by other gifts, such as free Spins.

No Deposit Bonuses

As the name implies, there are no deposit casino bonuses that don’t have a deposit of money as a requirement to be used. Your participation condition can be another, such as manual activation or a particular bet made in a game.

The casino with no deposit bonus is crucial not to force users to constantly deposit money to participate in promotions. This category also includes raffles, casinos with free bonuses, different gifts, and more.

Free Spins

Slot machine games, also known as Slots, are top-rated in Canada and the rest. For that reason, the sites award free spins bonuses. These promotions, accumulated in the user’s account, can be used freely in those Slots that the player considers being the best. In other cases, though, they are limited to games determined by the online casino in terms of the first deposit bonus.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback is a bonus offered by online casinos, which consists of recovering all or part of the player’s losses in their games. This is a cashback that you get as a bonus. The top online casinos offer the best promotions in the industry, so make a wise choice when deciding where you will gamble. The online websites we provided at the beginning of our article have promotions worthy of your attention.

Cashbacks may have different conditions and requirements. For example, it can be active on exclusive days or specific hours, depending on the variety of games in which it is played, a certain percentage of return, and more.

Monthly Bonuses & Promotions

Another type of bonus available is those that are awarded for loyalty. For example, the accumulation of points for playing or a VIP system divided into levels, and the more the user plays, the higher he will climb and receive better prizes. In this category, there are also those promotions dedicated to particular dates, such as Christmas. They are available for a limited time or several players.

Pay special attention when the casino announces dates for tournaments. Usually, they have great prizes, exciting quests and very often, the best game providers advertise their latest games.

High Roller Bonuses

High stakes games are known as High Rollers. Only a select group of players participate in this type of game since it is played with very high amounts of money, and they can take advantage of a casino sign-up bonus. In this case, there are exclusive promotions appropriate to the level of the game they handle. The bonuses are applied on large deposits made by players or with large bets in games such as Poker. Its wagering requirements are usually very high.

Mobile Casino Bonus

Another attractive section is the mobile casino bonuses. As we already mentioned, the quality platforms aim to attract more players, keep their attention, and offer as much as possible free casino bonuses to make them satisfied with the experience. So when you decide to use the mobile version of the gambling site, they want to reward you by giving you a free mobile casino bonus.

The best mobile casino bonuses are often given after downloading the platform’s application if such exists. The good news is that the experience is impressive, sometimes even better than playing from a desktop computer. The graphics, the quality, the colours are a lot more vivid. The Live casino section is often very well developed. So the casino bonus mobile is a great way to enjoy the gambling feeling from wherever you are.

Nowadays, Blackberry and Windows should work just fine, but it’s a good idea to check the compatibility beforehand. Android or iOS users might expect no issues with the apps if they have an up-to-date OS. You can quickly ask the customer support through the Live chat available on most of the sites.

Vip Bonuses

If you are a loyal player, bet considerable amounts of money, and aim for the high league, most probably you are familiar with the term VIP bonuses. Every top casino has a VIP program to nurture its best players. The benefits are incredible, including trips to expensive resorts, high-quality watches or technology, privilege support and faster withdrawals. We have been impressed by the online casinos’ excellent opportunities for their favourite Canadian players. So we welcome you to familiarize yourself with their VIP program and special bonuses.

No wagering bonuses

Let’s clarify first the meaning of the term “wagering requirements”. If you accept a bonus from an online casino, you need to meet the terms and conditions of that bonus before proceeding to withdraw your winnings. So, let’s say you bet C$100 and receive a 100% bonus equal to C$100. You play with C$200, and you win an amount you would like to withdraw. This can happen only after playing the bonus money a certain amount of times. Usually, good wagering is around x35. This means playing the bonus amount of C$100 35 times before being able to withdraw whatever you have won.

This process is not to make the player’s life impossible but to protect the casino from users that are after the bonus money and try to withdraw it without even playing. But sometimes, the platforms offer bonuses with no wagering requirements, which is excellent news for all players. They still might follow some rules and conditions, though. The most common offer is free Spins, which allow you to obtain direct winnings without wagering the amounts.

Low Wagering Bonus

On the other hand, some promotions have lower wagering requirements than the general average. As a basic rule, those platforms with a wagering condition of less than x30 fall into this category.

The lower the wager is, the amount necessary to transform the bonus into winnings, the better it will be for the user since they will need fewer bets to complete the process.

How are Casino Bonuses Calculated?

All online casino bonuses have their specificities. Let’s take a look at the new casino bonuses Canada:

  • Welcome bonus: 100% up to C$300 is a typical first deposit bonus. It means that the bonus will match your deposit by 100% to whatever amount up to C$300. So if you deposit C$300, you will get a bonus of C$300. If you deposit C$400, you will get C$300. The limit in this example is C$300. The other critical moment is the wager. Usually, it’s written below the offer or in the terms and conditions section of the online casino promotions.
  • Vip casino bonuses – as we clarified, they might vary from Personal Account Manager, through Cash rewards, to vacation at a cruise for two all-inclusive. They are calculated based on different criteria, such as the amount of your deposit, the number of deposits per week or month, the number of games you played, etc.
  • Free casino bonuses – free Spins, Cashback, Loyal points, VIP access to games. Usually, the top online casino bonuses are given personally to you, directly on your profile or via Newsletter, and you need to activate them with a confirmation or bonus code.

As you see now, casino bonuses Canada are diverse and depend on the chosen casino, on your activity, on the amount of money you bet. Each platform can decide on its own what kind of promotion to offer. A must here is to have clear rules, easily accessible terms and conditions and fair wagering requirements.

How we Review Casino Bonuses in Canada

Analyzing the casino bonuses is detailed and considerate of long lists of requirements that need to be met. The best casino bonus Canada doesn’t need to be the one offering an enormous amount of money. Why? Because offering you a 400% bonus with a wagering requirement of x100 is almost impossible to accomplish. This means that the player rarely could withdraw any winnings.

We want to add one more “but” here. The example above could be a winning offer for a player aiming to play and not withdraw. Receiving a lot of money to enjoy the process without the goal to withdraw any wins is an experience that some players are after. With all this being said, we would like to underline that free casino bonuses or new casino bonuses Canada all might be good for a specific type of strategy or style of playing. It all depends on you, your goal and what benefits you enjoy.

Before focusing on casino bonuses Canada, we do an initial analysis of the site in general, its functionality, security, licenses and accessibility. Then, we take care of studying the different characteristics of an online casino bonus, such as:

  • Bonus type
  • The amount of money offered in the bonus
  • Wagering requirements, terms and conditions
  • Accessibility in games
  • Additional features
  • Value of the online casino bonus concerning the money to be used

Why you Should Read the Bonus Offer Terms and Conditions

Casino bonuses have their particular conditions, and not all are the same. If you do not pay attention to these details, you can get negative surprises. Some online casino promotions that you find appealing may end up being the opposite.

When using Canada casino bonuses, you should review details such as:

  • The types of games that allow you to use the bonus. If it only works on games that don’t interest you, it won’t be worth it for you.
  • The duration of the promotion. Keep in mind that some casino bonuses can expire quickly.
  • The required wager. A voucher that offers a lot of gift money can have a much higher wagering requirement.
  • The payment methods accepted to activate the bonus. Some bonuses are connected to only one type of payment service, so confirm if it’s the one you want to use.

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

Online casino bonuses have different sections in the users’ cashier. This is because the typical casino bonuses Canada are not considered real money but require a wagering process to transform those winnings into money available withdrawal.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, wagering consists of betting a certain amount of times the received bonus money. The average is x35, although it can be higher. The best online casino promotions have lower wagering requirements, making it easier for players to get to the withdrawal procedure.

Even the best online casino bonus has some conditions. You have to pay attention to each game’s contribution to the bet made in the casino with a bonus. For example, a Slot machine can award 100% of what is played, while a blackjack hand only 20%, especially in casinos that give you money for signing up. The VIP casino bonuses might have a low wager or no wager at all sometimes. So the conclusion here is always to check what is required from you.

How to Get an Online Casino Bonus

To access the casino bonuses, first, it’s necessary to complete the registration and account creation process at the chosen site. Once the forms are filled in and the new account is approved, the user will access the casino promotions section.

The next step would be to deposit to unlock the best online casino bonus for you. At this step, it is typical to pass the verification of your data that can also be requested before requesting a casino bonus.

We have noticed that some of the casino bonuses Canada need manual activation, meaning – confirmation from your side, adding a bonus code, or declining them – you need to communicate it to customer support.

Step 1 – Account Registration

The user needs to create an account on the casino page to get started. It is a fast and straightforward process, which requires some personal information (name and surname, date of birth, nationality, telephone number, email, etc.) and account information (username and password). If all goes well, progress can be made.

Step 2 – Find the Bonus and Check the Terms

Before selecting a promotion, it is vital to review its terms and conditions. Then, you will have to go to the bonuses and promotions section in the general menu. There will appear all the available promotions. As a new user, most likely, you will have only one option for you – a welcome bonus.

Step 3 – Activate the Bonus

Once you are done with the previous step, you have to activate the desired bonus. This will depend on each promotion. Some require a manual activation with a click, others a deposit of a certain amount of money or a particular bet. Some are automatically added to the account balance.

Step 4 – Clearing the Bonus

For the bonus to be converted into actual earnings, it is necessary to complete the wager process. This consists of betting a certain amount of times the amount received with the offer, for example, about x30. Don’t forget the time limits.

Step 5 – Bonus Progress

The sites allow users to check the progress of releasing the bonus: how much money they have wagered and how many days or hours are left before it expires. Keep in mind that this progress is not always carried out in real-time but is sometimes updated every 30 minutes or 1 hour, for example.


Casino bonuses are promotions offered by sites as an incentive for players. They allow you to improve the gaming experience through money bonuses, free Spins, gifts, VIP casino bonuses, and more.

There are different types of casino bonus online, and each works differently. It will also depend on each particular site. In general, top online casino bonuses give a profit to the player to be used freely, but when it comes to withdrawal, one needs to meet the terms and conditions of the offer.

In the bonuses section, all the promotions will be available to participate. The bonuses are for all types of players, from newcomers who create their accounts, regulars who participate every day, and those who play sporadically and return every so often. The only exception is the welcome bonus, which can only be used once when creating the account.

Bonus codes are not bonuses; they are a mechanism that allows you to activate specific bonuses. A bonus will be activated when a code is entered successfully in the indicated menu. These codes are often distributed through a communication channel, such as email, so check your box from time to time.

Bonuses are not considered real money but require turning them into earnings. The process consists of betting a certain amount of times the amount received, the average being x30, although it may be higher or lower. This is a wagering requirement, and each promotion has different conditions.

The best type of bonus cannot be determined, but it will depend on each player, his preferences when participating, his favourite games, etc. We take care of analyzing and presenting you with the best available options, from the welcome bonus, with a deposit, without deposit, VIP promotions, High Rollers, etc.

Yes, you can use multiple bonuses, but not simultaneously. Sites only allow you to have one bonus active at a time. Until you finish its wager or its duration expires, you will not be able to use another. In some casinos, if you claim more than one simultaneously, they will place you in a waiting queue. Your account is synchronized between your desktop and mobile, so it’s not possible to “lie” the system and receive twice the best mobile casino bonuses.

The bonuses are available to all players, regardless of their playing platform. This means that promotions can be used from a desktop computer or a mobile device. Players who use their Android or iOS phones to play from an app may even receive the best mobile casino bonuses.

Even the free mobile casino bonus has activation requirements, such as selecting it with a click, entering a promotional code, making a deposit of a certain amount, etc. Once it is fulfilled, the promotion will be received immediately and automatically. Thus, you can start using your casino bonus online and complete the wagering requirements as quickly as possible to avoid the expiration validity period.

New casinos seeking to gain a foothold in the market and gain players’ attention may offer higher bonuses than established casinos. However, this is not always the case. Even when the casino bonus online seems excellent, you should pay attention to their terms and conditions to not be deceived. Usually, the casino bonus mobile is a pretty good deal, so look for it if possible.

At the beginning of our article, all the sites we offered have some of the best online casino bonuses for all players. We have analyzed each of the characteristics of their promotions, their operation, and the page’s performance, in general, to provide you with the best bonus options in Canada.

Even the best casino bonus Canada cannot be withdrawn directly as soon as received. Otherwise, you will ultimately lose the bonus, and the balance will be removed from your account. The wagering requirements must be completed within the corresponding time frames to transform the amount received into earnings. When these requirements are met, the balance will be converted into real money, and you can withdraw it without problems.

Of course, one of the types of promotions is the no deposit bonus, which is considered the best casino bonus Canada. Some examples are free Spins, Raffles, and points accumulated by the VIP club. As its name indicates, it’s unnecessary to deposit to activate them.